JSX(JavaScript XML) is recommended for writing HTML in React Apps. Although, browsers cannot understand JSX syntax, hence there is a need to transform JSX into simple JavaScript function. This is an in-depth article on the topic.


  1. Simple “Hello React” App
  2. Parameters for ReactDOM.render()
  3. Extending “Hello React” App with JSX
  4. JSX transformation through Babel

Simple “Hello React” App

Before looking at JSX , let’s first try to create our very first and very simple React App. We will just render “Hello React” on the browser through React. Go ahead and create a react app , we chose create-react-app to create the app. Now to create our “Hello React” app is just as simple as writing the below code at src/index.js:

import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
"Hello React!",

Chaitanya Srivastav

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